Professional Team

Alison Aldridge staff profile image
Alison Aldridge

Development Director

(415) 946-8730

Bay Area Council

Laurent Arribe staff profile image
Laurent Arribe

Senior Global Initiatives Manager

(415) 946-8743

Bay Area Council

Jeff Bellisario staff profile image
Jeff Bellisario

Executive Director

(415) 946-8711

Economic Institute

Adrian Covert staff profile image
Adrian Covert

Senior Vice President, Public Policy

(415) 946-8746

Bay Area Council

Alex Foard staff profile image
Alex Foard

Senior Director, Global Business Development

(415) 946-8723

Bay Area Council

John Grubb staff profile image
John Grubb

Chief Operating Officer

(415) 946-8705

Bay Area Council

Anna Guidry staff profile image
Anna Guidry

Office Administrator

(415) 946-8777

Bay Area Council

Laura Hill staff profile image
Laura Hill

Policy Director, Transportation and Public Safety

(415) 946-8741

Bay Area Council

Rufus Jeffris staff profile image
Rufus Jeffris

Senior Vice President, Communications

(415) 946-8725

Bay Area Council

Patrick Kallerman staff profile image
Patrick Kallerman

Vice President, Research

(415) 946-8735

Economic Institute

Julian Lake staff profile image
Julian Lake

Policy Director, Climate and Energy

Bay Area Council

Trish Lee staff profile image
Trish Lee

Special Assistant to the CEO

(415) 946-8777

Bay Area Council

Emily Loper staff profile image
Emily Loper

Vice President of Public Policy, Transportation

(415) 946-8745

Bay Area Council

Estevan Lopez staff profile image
Estevan Lopez

Research Analyst

(415) 946-8709

Economic Institute

Louis Mirante staff profile image
Louis Mirante

Vice President of Public Policy, Housing

(510) 908-0537

Bay Area Council

Abby Raisz staff profile image
Abby Raisz

Senior Research Manager

(415) 946-8784

Bay Area Council Economic Institute

Sean Randolph staff profile image
Sean Randolph

Senior Director

(415) 946-8722

Economic Institute

Joel Raymundo staff profile image
Joel Raymundo

Administrative Assistant

(415) 946-8740

Bay Area Council

Matt Regan staff profile image
Matt Regan

Senior Vice President, Public Policy

(415) 946-8710

Bay Area Council

Suzanne Robinson staff profile image
Suzanne Robinson

Vice President, Governance and Stakeholder Engagement

Bay Area Council

Julie Rowe staff profile image
Julie Rowe

Chief Financial Officer

(415) 946-8748

Bay Area Council

Karina Salomatina staff profile image
Karina Salomatina

Global Marketing and Projects Manager

(415) 946-8739

Bay Area Council

Molly Schaefer staff profile image
Molly Schaefer

Staff Accountant

Bay Area Council

Kirsten Vernon staff profile image
Kirsten Vernon

Chief Membership and Development Officer

(415) 946-8781

Bay Area Council

Xiaocan Wang staff profile image
Xiaocan Wang

Global Initiatives Manager


Jennifer Zou staff profile image
Jennifer Zou

Vice President of Global Initiatives & Head of Operations, China

+86 21 3518 3690 ext. 602

Bay Area Council

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