With the election just days away, new polling shows voters siding with the Bay Area Council on two of the most hotly contested propositions on the ballot. The two problematic measures—Proposition 6: Road Funding Repeal and Proposition 10: Rent Control—would gravely impact the state’s already crisis-level transportation and housing challenges. The latest polling by Public Policy Institute of California indicates a majority of voters oppose both measures.

Prop. 6, which would repeal legislation the Council supported to invest $52.4 billion to fix the state’s bridges, roads and highways, trailed in the poll with 48 percent of voters opposed. Prop. 10, which would allow cities to enact rent control, was trailing badly in the PPIC poll, with 60 percent opposed. There is almost universal agreement among credible economists and housing experts that rent control chills investment in new housing, worsening shortages and affordability.

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