Government Relations Policy Overview

The Bay Area Council Government Relations Committee is the advocacy arm of the Council.  Our job is to support the work of the policy committees and ensure that the positions we take as an organization are voiced at the local, state and federal levels.


  • Work with state and federal legislators to influence policy to improve the business climate and quality of life in the Bay Area.

Ballot Measures

The Bay Area Council Executive Committee takes positions on certain ballot measures. The Government Relations Committee advises the Council’s Executive Committee on relevant ballot initiatives. For any measure not listed here, the Council has no position.

Proposition 1: Water Bond (November 2014)
Summary: With historic drought gripping the state, this $7.12 billion bond measure will invest in increasing water storage capacity and cleaning up and better managing polluted groundwater basins.

Position: Support

Proposition 2: Rainy Day Budget Stabilization Act (November 2014)
Summary: Statewide “Rainy Day” measure would help stabilize spending by using capital gains, a volatile revenue source, only for debt service or savings instead on funding for ongoing critical programs; and, double the size of the state budget reserve to 10 percent, which will provide increased protection against cuts to programs and painful middle class tax increases during economic downturns.

Position: Support

Proposition 45: Health Insurance Rates (November 2014)
Summary: This misguided measure would politicize delivery of health care by giving single elected official power to determine insurance rates, and would create costly new and duplicative bureaucracy.

Position: Oppose

Proposition 46: Medical Malpractice (November 2014)
Summary: Statewide measure would drive up healthcare costs by quadrupling the maximum of $250,000 in damages plaintiffs can receive for noneconomic damages in medical malpractice lawsuits, despite evidence that boosting caps doesn’t improve quality of care, reduce malpractice, or control costs.

Position: Oppose

Measure A (November 2014)
Summary: San Francisco bond measure would invest $500 million, with more than half going to improve public transit and remainder making streets safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. Endorsement comes with reservations over lack of funding for regional transportation systems.

Position: Support

Measure BB (November 2014)
Summary: Alameda County measure would raise $7.8 billion over 30 years to reduce traffic congestion and related air pollution by increasing and extending an existing sales tax. A Bay Area Council Economic Institute study found the spending plan would create $20 billion in economic activity over its lifetime and support 150,000 jobs.

Position: Support

Government Relations Committee

Chair: Andrew Giacomini, Managing Partner, Hanson Bridgett LLP
Co-Chair: Peter Brightbill, SVP and State Director, Government Relations, Wells Fargo & Co.