On Thursday (April 13), the Bay Area Council’s Transportation Committee met with Congressman Mark DeSaulnier (D-CA 11) at Microsoft Corporation to hear insights on the state of affairs in Washington, D.C., and the outlook for federal transportation and infrastructure funding. The Congressman’s impressive tenure in California state politics and close ties to the Bay Area region allowed him to address region-specific inquiries from Council members regarding topics like expanding the state’s commuter rail system, addressing housing affordability, and inequality. The Bay Area Council will meet with the Congressman again during an upcoming delegation trip to Washington, D.C., and will discuss priorities prepared by the Council’s federal transportation policy working group led by Board Member Andrew Dohrmann of T.Y.Lin.

The Transportation Committee is Co-Chaired by Executive Committee member Rosemary Turner of UPS and Jeffrey Heller of Heller Manus Architects. To engage with the Transportation Committee or working group, please contact Senior Vice President of Policy Michael Cunningham at mcunningham@bayareacouncil.org.