Keeping the Bay Area Moving

Modern transportation systems are the lifeblood of any economy, providing mobility for a growing workforce, commerce and trade, and connecting people, communities and business. Investing in our mass transit systems and network of highways, roads and bridges is critical to keeping the Bay Area economy healthy and growing. Since 2016, the Bay Area has invested more than $13 billion to expand and improve our transportation systems. The work is never done. Traffic remains a major challenge for a region whose geography is defined by the Bay. The Bay Area Council is working with many public, community and business stakeholders to address these challenges, develop new funding sources and promoting new technologies that can help us make better and more efficient use of the transportation systems we have.

Coming off the heels of the historic passage of nine-county Regional Measure 3 – a $5.6 billion investment toward traffic congestion relief co-led by the Bay Area Council in 2018 – we’re continuing to advance a transportation system that is well funded, provides convenient local and regional mobility that supports economic progress, and reflects and leverages the spirit of innovation that defines the Bay Area. Our goal is to reduce traffic congestion by 7.5 million hours per year, from 2017 baseline (a 3% reduction), within five years.

Recent Wins

  • Historic passage of nine-county Regional Measure 3, a $5.6 billion investment toward traffic congestion relief and improving our public transit systems—includes over 30 major infrastructure projects, new BART cars, BART to San Jose, expanding ferry service, and improvements to critical regional rail systems.
  • Secured funding for Caltrain and Highway 101 improvements by helping shape the expenditure plan in the San Mateo transportation sales tax measures.
  • Pushing for innovative water transit like smaller ferries and hovercraft to expand transportation and new routes on the Bay more quickly and economically.
  • Connecting the Megaregion: mobilized economic and political leaders for rail changes and improvements needed to connect the megaregion.

2019 Policy Activities

  • Developing meaningful long-term regional funding source for transportation improvement
  • Organize and activate the megaregion for joint advocacy to improve megaregional rail and other solutions
  • Aggressively push short-term app-based solutions to pay residents and co-workers to carpool with each other
  • Guide and support WETA and private operators towards a robust ferry system expansion, potentially including hovercraft
  • Expand opportunity for advanced transportation technology and services
  • Guide local governments and agencies to facilitate operation of advanced transportation services, especially Autonomous Vehicles

Transportation Committee Co-Chairs:

Chris Rivielle, President and CEO, Plant Construction

Michael Matthews, Director of California Public Policy, Facebook

Ed Del Beccaro, Senior Managing Director Greater East Bay, TRI


Autonomous Vehicle Subcommittee Co-Chairs:

John McClure, Partner, Greentech Capital Advisors

Nadia Pabst, Senior U.S. Government Relations Manager, Cruise Automation


Water Transit Subcommittee Co-Chairs:

Dana Aftab, External Vice President, Business Operations, Exelixis

Heather Salem, Senior Transportation Program Manager, Genentech

Rosanne Foust, President & CEO, SAMCEDA

Policy Leads

Gwendolyn Litvak image
Gwendolyn Litvak

Senior Vice President


Kelli Fallon image
Kelli Fallon

Policy Manager


Kelly Obranowicz image
Kelly Obranowicz

Policy Manager


Will Graswich image
Will Graswich

Policy Associate


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