Water & Climate Resilience Overview

The Bay Area Council Committee on Water & Resilience brings together the region’s largest employers and water agencies to provide policy guidance and perspective on issues involving climate resilience, including water supply reliability, extreme storm events, and sea level rise.

Resilience by Numbers

  • 1,200 Years since California suffered a drought as severe as the 2011-2017 drought
  • 60Percent of California’s water supply originating from Sierra Snowpack
  • 66 – Percent of the Bay Area’s water supply originating from Sierra Snowpack
  • 85 – Percent of San Francisco’s water supply originating from Sierra Snowpack
  • 66Estimated percent decline in the Sierra Snowpack by 2050
  • 77 – Estimated percent increase in frequency of extreme wildfires by 2100
  • 300 – Estimated percent increase in heat related deaths by 2050
  • $1.32 million – GDP per acre-foot of water consumed in San Francisco County (#1 in the U.S.)
  • $10.3 billion – Estimated economic costs of a 150-year storm event in the SF Bay Area
  • 40 - Inches the Pacific Ocean off California is predicted to rise by 2100.