The Bay Area Council Healthcare Committee works with policymakers and other stakeholders to advocate for programs, reforms, and best practices that will raise the quality of healthcare, drive down costs to employers and individuals, and improve the overall health and wellness of all Californians.

The effective implementation of federal healthcare reform legislation, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), represented a historic step towards creating a healthcare system that provides universal access to high-quality affordable care in the United States.  The next critical step is to bring renewed focus to the effort to rein in healthcare costs and improve health through delivery system reform and community transformation.


  • Promote policies that control rising health costs, including encouraging the development of competing integrated delivery systems and transparent marketplaces to encourage effective care.
  • Focus on improving patient outcomes and appropriate use of resources by ensuring that payments to providers reward quality and affordability.
  • Maintain our commitment to public health goals by addressing “upstream” causes of disease and supporting the development of healthy communities.
  • Engage consumers and patients to take ownership over their health and pursue healthy behavior.
  • Provide better information for all consumers to easily compare health plans and products on the basis of quality and price.
  • Maintain the Bay Area as a worldwide center of health innovation through research and development of biotechnology and pharmaceutical developments that improve health outcomes.


  • Played a central role – through participation on a business advisory group, provision of technical assistance and testifying at public meetings – in setting up the nation’s most success state insurance marketplace, through which 1.4 million Californians signed up for Affordable Care Act coverage during the first open enrollment period.
  • Advocated for the successful passage of legislation which expanded the range of services that pharmacists can perform, ensuring that more Californians have access to high quality and affordable primary care.


Dr. Kent Bradley, Chief Medical Officer, Safeway, Inc.

Jim Henry, Market Managing Partner, PwC LLP