The Economic Imperative of Our Time

We know in business, it’s our teams, our employees, our people that make us successful.

The Bay Area Council recognizes that a strong, innovative, and competitive community is only possible when we tap into the full talent of the workforce. That is why we have recognized gender equity as a policy priority, and we are working to develop solutions, mobilize the business community, and work with our civic and political leaders to advance women’s leadership, eliminate barriers to women’s employment, and close the gender wage gap.

Women are half the workforce and half the population. We must work not only to create opportunities for women to succeed, but to ensure that they are fairly rewarded for their hard work and success.

Mission Statement

The Bay Area Council’s Gender Equity Committee advocates for policies that promote women in the workforce and enhance workplace cultures of equality.

Committee Co-Chairs

Peg McAllister, Lee Hecht Harrison

Stuart Newton, Deloitte

Christopher Ruhl, PwC