Education Policy Overview

High quality education is one of the most important investments we can make in California’s future. States and regions that educate well will attract businesses to their talent pipeline.  Their economies and jobs will grow and prosper.  But improving quality in a complex educational system is challenging.  It requires vision, focus and persistence on key leverage points where politically feasible investments can yield large scale and sustainable improvements in educational quality.

California, the eighth largest economy in the world and a wellspring of technological innovation, should be leading the world in developing innovative talent workers.  The Bay Area Council works to return California to its former position as a leader in education, from preschool through higher education.  Using a collective impact approach we bring thoughtful business leaders, educators, multiple experts, and other stakeholders together to create real and lasting impact.

Supporting Higher Education

The Bay Area Council supports stabilizing state funding for higher education in California. A statewide poll the Council released in January 2016 found that California voters want to put the brakes on decades of state funding cuts to higher education, with 63 percent of voters saying they would support a ballot initiative to guarantee stable funding for the University of California and California State University systems.

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