Flood. Fire. Drought. Heat.

Climate change is pushing California’s already volatile weather to greater extremes. We must be prepared.

The California Resilience Challenge is a statewide effort, led by businesses and a diverse range of partners, to build local climate resilience and support a shared vision for a resilient California in the face of increasing climate threats. The Challenge will result in up to 10 diverse and replicable climate change resilience projects by the end of 2019―actionable projects that are ready for permitting and implementation. The projects will reflect California’s diverse geography to showcase leadership in climate change adaptation.

Severe Weather, Severe Impacts

Climate change is pushing California’s already volatile climate to greater extremes in terms of flooding, drought, heat, and wildfire.

Fire: Up to 40 percent of California’s landmass now has an elevated or extreme level of fire danger.

Drought: The recent drought was the most severe in 1,200 years. State officials estimate the Sierra snow pack, the source for over one-third of California’s water, will shrink up to 65 percent by 2100.

Flood: Sea levels are projected to rise between 7-23 inches by 2050, and more extreme storms will cause inland flooding.

Heat: 2017 was the third hottest year on record and saw the hottest summer in state history, threatening vulnerable populations.

Timeline for Action

In September 2018, the California Resilience Challenge will launch at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. Key milestones include:

September 2018: Open Request for Proposals (RFP) announced at the Global Climate Summit – inviting local communities across California to apply for funding for a project that addresses a unique climate threat: drought, fire, flood, or extreme heat

December 2018: Challenge leadership will select up to 10 projects to support. Projects will be chosen for their feasibility, replicability, geography, effectiveness, community support, and other factors.

November 2019: Up to 10 final world-class, community-backed, resilient solutions unveiled at a major event.