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    2018-06-12 08:06:32

    2018BACPoll: Voters Hold Dim View of Tax Reform, Immigration Crackdown

    As the national debate on immigration rumbles – from banning or punishing so-called sanctuary cities, fortifying borders, ending Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, restricting H-1B visas, to travel bans – Bay Area voters are drawing clear battle lines, according the 2018 Bay Area Council Poll.


    2018-06-08 07:06:59

    2018 BACPoll: 4 of 10 Have Witnessed Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

    Almost four out of 10 Bay Area voters say they have witnessed sexual harassment in the workplace and a quarter say they’ve personally experienced sexual harassment on the job, according to results of the 2018 Bay Area Council Poll, which explored attitudes on a range of workplace issues.

    traffic lights

    2018-06-07 09:06:38

    2018 BACPoll: Can Transportation Tech Solve Bay Area Traffic?

    Bay Area voters are embracing new automobile and transportation technologies, from ride-hailing apps to responsive traffic signals, drones and electric and self-driving cars, to combat the region’s awful traffic, according to the 2018 Bay Area Council Poll.


    2018-06-06 08:06:32

    BACPoll: Housing Frustration Spikes

    Frustration over the Bay Area’s housing crisis intensified over the past year as the number of voters in the 2018 Bay Area Council Poll who say it’s gotten much harder to find a place to live spiked.