Casita Coalition

Unlocking the Immense Potential of Small Homes

The Casita Coalition is a newly formed statewide volunteer coalition that believes in the necessity of creating more opportunities for small gentle infill housing forms such as accessory dwelling units or ADUs. Members range in geographic reach and in disciplines, including advocates, nonprofits, builders, architects, local and regional policy makers, homeowners and more!

Casita (Spanish) small home.  Casitas include an array of small housing forms that pre-date many current zoning laws: accessory dwelling units, junior accessory dwelling units, cottage homes and tiny homes that can be rented or owned.  Casitas, or ADUs are typically built and financed by smallbuilders, homeowners, local architects and craft builders, dedicated volunteers, and small companies who struggle against local barriers in isolation.  ADUs can also come in the form converted garages, basements or other repurposed living space. These special housing types can be built on the same lots as existing homes and preserve architectural andneighborhood character.

Casitas Offer Innovative Solution to Housing Crisis. The advantages of small home living are increasingly well-documented, yet zoning and other codes still effectively bar Casitas in many communities:

  • Invisible infill on scarce urban land
  • Low GHG impact from reduced commutes and living in smaller spaces
  • Opportunities for families to weather economic downturns while helping loved ones or community members in need
  • Naturally more affordable rental and ownership housing in increasingly unaffordable neighborhoods

When they can be built, Casitas are loved and lived in by Californians otherwise facing housing insecurity and displacement or unrelenting commutes: young people, elders, family members, and workers priced out including teachers and public servants.  Californians need a unified coalition to focus efforts on the need for rule changes to allow more Casitas in every neighborhood in the face of our unrelenting housing crisis.

Coordinate Small Home Advocacy in California.  Many of us have been separately advocating for the allowance of more small housing forms in our community or at the State level with differing levels of success.  Together, we will far more effective at removing the barriers to critically needed smaller homes.

Remove the obstacles that prevent small homes in many California communities. The Casita Coalition aims to remove the State and local barriers to small housing forms including overly prohibitive zoning standards, high fees, non-safety codes that increase costs and make small homes prohibitively expensive or illegal to construct.

To learn more, visit the Casita Coalition website at

Get Involved:

Reach out to us at or 415-946-8714

Follow us on Twitter:  @CasitaCoalition


Policy Leads

Xiomara Cisneros image
Xiomara Cisneros

Policy Director

(415) 946-8714

Matt Regan image
Matt Regan

Senior Vice President, Public Policy


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