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    Micah Weinberg is President of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, the research arm of the Bay Area Council. Dr. Weinberg previously served as Senior Policy Advisor to the Bay Area Council and Senior Research Fellow at the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, where he worked to drive health system transformation. His work focused on maximizing health through radically reworking how we pay for, deliver, and think about healthcare. He worked closely with business leaders and policymakers in California and nationwide to develop and implement strategies to control the growth of healthcare costs while expanding access and improving health outcomes.

    Before joining the Council, Dr. Weinberg served as a Senior Research Fellow in the Health Policy Program at the New America Foundation where he authored the final report of the California Task Force on Affordable Care, a group of CEOs, advocates, and academic experts that developed a set of strategies to save the state $500 billion in health spending over 10 years. He was also President of Healthy Systems Project (formerly Weinberg Civic Strategies), a firm that delivers policy and market intelligence and strategic guidance in the areas of healthcare and economic development to a range of corporate, association, public, and nonprofit clients.

    Dr. Weinberg’s writing has appeared in diverse outlets from Politico to Policy Studies Journal, and he has appeared on Fox News and NPR. He has written and lectured extensively about health system transformation with a particular focus on the insurance market reforms of the Affordable Care Act. He is expert on state-based health insurance exchanges including the California Health Benefit Exchange as well as private exchanges and purchasing strategies of public programs and self- and fully-insured large and small businesses. He holds a doctoral degree in political science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and graduated with honors from Princeton University with a degree in politics.